A platform for digital health applications in neurology

Medically certified automated EEG analysis. Ready for integration into standard clinical workflows.
Hardware solutions for home use mobile EEG recording.

Assessing brain health, current and future cognition, sleep macro- and micro-structure.
Before the advent of modern imaging with MRI, PET, SPECT, CT...
...EEG was the method of choice for non-invasively diagnosing
neurological conditions and monitoring the human brain.
But is "an image still worth more than a thousand EEGs", especially
when combined with Deep Learning and almost unlimited compute?
EEG today can be more - and do more - than 40 years ago.
It is wearable. It can monitor continuously and unobtrusively.
And its interpretation can be automated.
Our mission is to advance the use of electro-encephalography to reliably, safely and inexpensively assess the human brain - in both mobile and clinical settings.

Key Features of EEG

EEG is a method to detect electrical brain activity using small electrodes, that are simply placed onto the scalp.
A device to record EEG is standard hospital equipment.


EEG is non-invasive & easy to apply - even in pediatric patients or patients exhibiting exessive involuntary movements.


In many applications, the potential of EEG rivals that of functional MRI - but at a fraction of the cost.

Globally available

EEG systems are globally affordable - they have the lowest entry cost of all clinical devices for assessing brain function.


EEG is the only modality able to reliably assess brain function in a mobile setting.


The history of EEG dates back almost 100 years. It is clinically established and proven technology.

High potential

EEG becomes accessible to a much larger audience as AI based automation significantly lowers the domain knowledge required for EEG preprocessing.


EEG is a platform technology: Multiple domains and multiple disorders can be assessed based on the same technology stack.

Optimal time resolution

Important cortical processes occur on the millisecond time scale - but EEG resolves even sub-millisecond activity!

Functional imaging

EEG provides insights on how the brain functions in time - it measures activity rather than structure.

Bringing it all together

- The Rekonas Platform solution

We provide a cloud-based platform for EEG analysis - going all the way from acquisition of raw data and artifact suppression to quantified analysis of your data - for individual patients as well as patient cohorts, for stationary as well as mobile settings. We focus on smart automation and unbiased quantification of EEG to speed-up the the interpretation process and make it more accurate, more reliable and more cost effective.
Rekonas platform for digital health with app center
Classical EEG viewer
Smart EEG viewer for quantitative EEG
We provide Primary Services for EEG data analysis but also offer Custom Application Development to address the specific needs of your study or research project. Our services can be accessed securely from any web-enabled device and currently include Automated EEG Pre-processing, Quantified EEG Analysis & Sleep Analysis, and the ability to Quantify and Predict Cognition.

Mobile EEG solutions

Intermittend and episodic health data is the root cause for reactive healthcare. With the ability for continuous mobile monitoring of brain activity - both during wake and sleep - EEG based neurological care will finally become proactive.

We are currently testing different mobile EEG solutions. All hardware is designed in-house and fully integrated into our certified EEG analysis platform. Solutions are currently tested at the University Hospital Basel.

Please contact us for more information.
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